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Yessenia Agudelo

Yessenia was born and raised in Jersey City and over the years, she has had the opportunity to see the tremendous tra…

Photo of Yessenia Agudelo

Donovan Cain

Born and raised in the Philadelphia region, Donovan majored in Music Performance at the University of The Arts and be…

Photo of Donovan Cain
Broker Associate

Elizabeth Cain

Elizabeth specializes in small business consulting and government relations, including expediting for large developme…

Photo of Elizabeth Cain
Executive Assistant

Dane Calcagni

Dane grew up in Bordentown, NJ where he volunteered with various local organizations and networked himself to work on…

Photo of Dane Calcagni
Director of Operations

Jamie Canyock

Photo of Jamie Canyock
Director of New Business Development

Alex Chang

Alex started his career in real estate in 1995 upon graduating from Clark University in Massachusetts where he studie…

Photo of Alex Chang

Leilani Chin

Leilani is an esteemed professional who consistently delivers results. With her warm personality and unbending determ…

Photo of Leilani Chin
Transaction Coordinator

Danielle Christian

Photo of Danielle Christian

Brianna Cifaretto

Now a resident of Jersey City for 4 years, Brianna’s tie to the city goes back decades when her great-grandparents im…

Photo of Brianna Cifaretto

Victoria Devino

Victoria has years of management and sales experience under her belt. Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Victoria…

Photo of Victoria Devino

Leda Duif

A Jersey City resident since 2006, Leda was born in London and raised in the UK and Peru. She holds a degree in Moder…

Photo of Leda Duif
Executive Assistant, Realtor-Associate

Caisy Falzone

Caisy Falzone is a results-driven individual with quite the creative flair. Her background in the Advertising & Marke…

Photo of Caisy Falzone

Jason Flesher

Jason moved to Jersey City 12 years ago to be a part of the growing community. Actively involved in his community sin…

Photo of Jason Flesher

Meredith Foster

Meredith has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and knack for sales. She started her career as a clothing buyer, where h…

Photo of Meredith Foster

Heather Fulcher

Heather moved to Jersey City in 2008 from Tom’s River and fell in love with the city’s diverse architecture and vibra…

Photo of Heather Fulcher

Thomas Gibbons

Tom Gibbons is a Licensed Realtor-Associate® who has successfully marketed and sold everything from multi-million-dol…

Photo of Thomas Gibbons
Partner Sawyer Smith New Development, Broker-Associate

Megan Gülick

With a background in the arts, and as a trusted community event organizer in Jersey City for the past 7 years, Megan …

Photo of Megan Gülick

Einat Hamerman

Einat comes to Sawyer Smith Residential as a real estate expert with vast and diverse experiences. Back in Israel whe…

Photo of Einat Hamerman

George Haug

George Haug is a Jersey native and resident of Hudson County for over ten years. Priding himself on efficiency and h…

Photo of George Haug

Jessica Hoppe

Jessica spent 17 years in a leadership role at a company that is at the forefront of delivering unparalleled customer…

Photo of Jessica Hoppe

Kyra Huxel

Kyra is a dedicated real estate professional who has, during her impressive career since 2017, been involved in numer…

Photo of Kyra Huxel

Sidney Jackson

Hard work and helping others are in Sidney’s DNA. He just loves people. He got his first job as a bag boy at age 13, …

Photo of Sidney Jackson

Gary Keating

"Buy Land, They Aren't Making it Anymore." - Mark Twain
As a North Jersey native, an owner of several local busines…

Photo of Gary Keating

Natalya Klotz

Natalya Klotz, native to Russia, moved to the United States in 1999. As a new citizen who spoke only Russian, she cha…

Photo of Natalya Klotz

Daniel Konuch

Giving his absolute 100% into his work is not new to Daniel Konuch. Growing up in a family with restaurant businesses…

Photo of Daniel Konuch

Holly Kutilek

Holly has an impeccable eye for design and the art of successfully selling homes. With over a decade of experience d…

Photo of Holly Kutilek

Francine Lauri

Francine brings impeccable professionalism to the real estate world, coming from retail and wholesale experience. She…

Photo of Francine Lauri

Arpita Mendez

Photo of Arpita Mendez

Edward Meyer

As a 15-year resident of the Hamilton Park neighborhood in downtown Jersey City, Ted has seen firsthand the transform…

Photo of Edward Meyer
Marketing Coordinator

Jaylen Molina

Photo of Jaylen Molina

Elizabeth Montalbano

With lucrative careers in the Music and Fitness industries, Liz comes to Sawyer Smith Residential with a plethora of …

Photo of Elizabeth Montalbano

Nicholas Newman

A native New Jersian who grew up in Westfield and attended Rowan University in Glassboro, Nick is no stranger to the …

Photo of Nicholas Newman

Anat Patishi

Anat is a dynamic and attentive Realtor with several years of experience in New York and New Jersey markets. She brin…

Photo of Anat Patishi

Drew Peterson

Born and raised in Western Massachusetts, Drew graduated with a degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication …

Photo of Drew Peterson

Kathleen Pineda

Being a first generation American to parents originally from Honduras, Kat understands the importance of hard work an…

Photo of Kathleen Pineda

Preeti Poddar

Preeti has been a resident of Jersey City for over 20 years. “I have seen the city come to life”, she says, “and I co…

Photo of Preeti Poddar

Johanna Restrepo

Johanna has been in the real estate industry for over 9 years and is committed to selling some of the most desired ho…

Photo of Johanna Restrepo

Amanda Richard

Amanda moved to Jersey City over 10 years ago and instantly fell in love with the area, people, and energy. Jersey …

Photo of Amanda Richard

Marie Rodrigues

Having spent most of her career in the entertainment industry, Marie took a diverse career path to real estate. With …

Photo of Marie Rodrigues

Adriana Saber

A long time Hudson County resident, Adriana has long enjoyed all the wonderful qualities that Jersey City has to offe…

Photo of Adriana Saber

Phillip Santella

Phil moved to Jersey City in 2008 to pursue his degree in Business and fell in love with the city's vibrant culture. …

Photo of Phillip Santella
Executive VP & Managing Broker

Katherine Silver

Kate has over 18 years of experience in Real Estate. Licensed in 2002, Kate has served her clients during a period o…

Photo of Katherine Silver
Principal Broker

Sawyer Smith

Sawyer Smith, Founder and Principal of Sawyer Smith Residential, is well known in the industry for his innovative mar…

Photo of Sawyer Smith

Katerina Spiratos

A North Jersey native, Katrina made the move to Jersey City over fifteen years ago. Passionate about her new city, sh…

Photo of Katerina Spiratos

Lauren Stangl

Lauren joined the real estate industry with a background in competitive sales, business development, and high-end cli…

Photo of Lauren Stangl

David Tucker

David is a long time Hudson County resident and has a strong knowledge of the local community. Originally from New Yo…

Photo of David Tucker

Selina Vargas

Selina has lived in Jersey City for over 19 years, with a passion for community as she has raised her son and become …

Photo of Selina Vargas

Ryan Wilman

Photo of Ryan Wilman

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