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Brianna Cifaretto

Now a resident of Jersey City for 4 years, Brianna’s tie to the city goes back decades when her great-grandparents immigrated from Italy and chose Downtown Jersey City to settle down. She is a lover of arts, history, architecture, and antiques; her favorite pastime is to walk around the streets of Jersey City and Hoboken to take in the beautiful architecture around her. Her strong entrepreneurial spirit, cultivated by a family of small business owners at home and her love of architecture, led her to real estate. Having been a lead teacher at a preschool in Hoboken, Brianna possesses endless patience with the understanding that buying a home is a stressful life milestone as much as sending a child to school for the very first time. To her clients, she is a shoulder to lean on and someone to help, listen and guide. As an artist, she has a keen eye for detail, beauty, and design which comes in handy when showing a property; she always finds special and beautiful features of a home. Brianna lives with her soon-to-be husband and two cats, Indie and Gypsy. She enjoys painting, traveling, trying out many different food options of Jersey City, being outdoors, and spending time with her friends and family.

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Cellphone 973.477.5629

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