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Mark Herbert

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Mark Herbert

A veteran real estate professional of 15 years, Mark’s vast background includes 12 years of experience in real estate investment and development. Having worn many hats in the business, Mark has an ability to approach transactions from his client’s vantage point as a seller, buyer, landlord, developer and investor. He has embraced social media and understands the exposure it brings to the properties and clients he represents. His numerous videos about Hudson County real estate can be found under the moniker, “Question Mark.”

It is not all work for Mark though. He truly enjoys meeting and assisting his clients navigate complicated transactions. He is personable, level-headed and patient. He maintains friendships with his past clients dating all the way back to his first transaction in 2002. He is a fan of College Football, roots for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and lives by its motto, “Play Like A Champion Today.” He is also passionate about cars, Formula 1 Racing and underground music. He is a former college DJ and has attended countless concerts all over the US and Europe.

Mark graduated from The State University of Stony Brook with BA in Psychology and worked at the university and Long Island Jewish Hospital before developing his career in real estate. A resident of Hudson County, Mark is blessed with an amazing and supportive family.

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Cellphone 201.912.5713

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