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Melanie Greenwood

Melanie Greenwood is a self-proclaimed Jersey Girl, having lived in the State of New Jersey for over twenty-five years. She’s a highly skilled office professional with over 20 years’ experience in office management, corporate administration, and client relations for some of the top executive companies in New York and New Jersey. She has also contributed to corporate event planning, marketing, public relations, brand partnership, and special projects.

In addition, she is an avid reader, lover of words, and a sought after freelance creative writer, novelist, and an award-winning poet. She recently earned her Associate’s Degree in Creative Writing and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing. She is no stranger to the writing world, having had poems published in anthologies and winning numerous awards. She possesses an innate and unique ability to write from photographs and paintings. As a writer, she uses raw emotions to nurture her talent and has a knack for particularly vivid imagery.  She’s an artist with a wild imagination, bold determination, and enjoys dancing on the edge of uncertainty. 

Melanie values the idea that our learning process is like a revolving door. One which, she admits that we continually go through and walk out into new and exciting experiences. She confirms that this life process allows us to become great thinkers via the knowledge we gain of what works and what doesn’t. She believes that our environment, education, role models, life experiences and our innate abilities are tightly compacted into the word, perseverance. She acknowledges that this knowledge is where perseverance begins to define our current and future successes. In saying so, this thirst for knowledge brings Melanie into the visionary, innovative, and intriguing world of Real Estate.

“Education feeds our intellect and becomes the building blocks for our creative selves to pay-it-forward.” ~Melanie Ann Greenwood

In her spare time, Melanie is dedicated to helping children with a disability and terminal illness to share their stories as well as doing her part in the “go-green” movement for clean energy.

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