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Preeti Poddar

Preeti has been a resident of Jersey City for over 20 years. “I have seen the city come to life”, she says, “and I continue to resonate its charm. I remember the time when Jersey City had tons of untapped potential yet to be discovered, and now wherever I look I see vitality and vibrancy, and I fall in love with the city a little more every day.”

Preeti comes with a plethora of experience as a primary to sixth grade Montessori teacher. She is kind and patient and her work with children has helped her be diligent and hyper focused on identifying people’s needs. She is a writer, fashion illustrator, and an artist with a deep cultural appreciation for the performing arts. This passion of hers has driven her to choose a career in Real Estate. “Real Estate is like an art”! she says. “These blank slates of brick and mortar brought to life by the artist in me. I want to help people find their forever home. Whether it is the first home or the fifth. The joy of knowing it is yours is completely unparalleled and the fact that I helped a bit makes a huge difference.” Preeti is a new homeowner in Jersey City and understands how daunting, but at the same time-exciting, the process of home buying can be.

In her spare time, Preeti loves reading, listening to music, watching Bollywood films, traveling, and experimenting with different foods. The spicier, the better! Her family means the world to her and when she is not busy selling homes, she is busy being a loving and somewhat nagging mom to her two young adult children. Preeti speaks fluent English, Hindi, and Marathi.

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Cellphone 551.208.7419

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